M16 “The Mathematics of Attraction I”


2019 was the year I decided to swallow my fear and try my hand at oil painting. I had seen an exhibit of 16th Century Dutch paintings in B.C. many years ago and was completely enamored with the paintings that had been done on copper so I decided to try that. Having a lot of copper around the studio because of my printmaking work it was a no brainer. It is a terrific, smooth surface to work on and I can etch back over the piece in places to reveal the copper where I want it ie. the Golden Rectangle in this painting. I LOVE it but I found out two things about myself. One, my paintings end up looking just like my drawings and, two, I am just as slow at painting as I am at drawing. Good thing I love doing both.

Available as Notecard only.

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Available as Notecard only.



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